Moving Tips

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18 Tips to Help Make Moving Easier

  1. Start Packing Well in Advance
  2. Make sure each box is packed solid
  3. Pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger boxes
  4. Pack plates vertically, like records. They’ll be less likely to break
  5. Photograph the backs of your electronics
  6. Pack the items you will need FIRST in a clear plastic bin or marked box
  7. Make shore to let movers know what NOT to pack.
  8. Have all the items you need for traveling locked in a bathroom or closet.
  9. In addition to labeling what’s in your boxes, add what room they’ll be going into, as well
  10. Keep sandwich bags handy for holding any small parts of things you have to take apart, like curtain rods or mounted flat-screen TVs
  11. Remember to defrost your refrigerator at least a day before moving and wipe up any liquid
  12. Cut down on boxes by making all of your baskets, laundry bins, hampers, and suitcases work for you
  13. Most websites will recommend wrapping your dishes, glasses, etc. in clothing to save on bubble wrap. DON’T do it! If glass is broken you lose you clothing too.
  14. Get free boxes from liquor stores, book stores and department stores.
  15. By law, a moving company can’t transport hazardous materials such as gasoline, bottled gases and other flammables, ammunition and explosives.
  16. Arrange for a charity organization to come pick up the items you don’t want at least a week or two before moving.
  17. If you own items that you want to get rid of but are too valuable to just give away, start selling on eBay, Etsy, or Craigslist at least six weeks before moving
  18. Leave the rest to the professionals, sit back and relax, and look forward to the new opportunities, friends and experiences that are part of any move. Be sure to get a good night’s rest before the pickup and delivery days!