Free moving boxes

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Free Boxes for Your Moving Process

When you use our services at Volt Relocation, you save a lot of money because we provide free boxes for your packing needs.  Our professional movers will guide you through the moving process to make sure all your items are safe.

Free Labels  

To make our moving process more efficient at time of delivery, we appreciate your placing our labels on each box stating the room destination, for quick and easy placement.

Reduce you moving costs by packing your boxes before move day.

Get free New- unused boxes from Volt Relocation

  1. 5 small boxes with any move.
  2. 8 mix size boxes with move over $900.00
  3. 11 mix size boxes with move over $1500.00
  4. 20 mix size boxes with move over $2000.00

Other resources for free boxes

  1. A quick search in the free section (found underneath the “for sale” heading) offered up at least 20 sources for free boxes.
  2. Liquor stores
  3. Bookstores
  4. Grocery Stores
  5. U-Haul Box Exchange
  6. Dollar Stores
  7. Toy stores have TONS of boxes
  8. Recycling bins filled with collapsed cardboard (i.e. Kohl’s, Wal-Mart )

We are ready to help with all aspects of your move.