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Longterm Storage Services:

For Interstate and International moves, use our secure  facilities to ensure your belongings are stored safely before, during moving  or after you’r moved. We got you covered .Whatever storage services you need, we can be your best choice.  We provide affordable and premium storage transit options whether large or small spaces are necessary. During the process of moving, your items are our responsibility and we make sure we have safe and convenient storage facilities for all your personal belongings.

  • Residential Storage

Nowadays, it is very common for home buyers to have extra storage space when they move to a new location. We always makes sure to provide you with specialized storage services that best fit your needs and are tailored to your moving schedule.

  • Commercial Storage

Should you need temporary storage space for furniture and equipment while setting up your new offices, we can provide efficient storage transit options in convenient locations tailored to meet your installation schedule.

Services We Offer

Long Term Storage
International Moving
Long Distance Movers
Affordable Packing
Local Moving


Secured facilities for your long term storage


Volt Relocation, LLC

Volt Relocation, LLC. is your one-stop destination for state-of-the-art moving services. From our headquarters in New York City, throughout the United States and internationally, we help residential, commercial, and industrial clients with their relocations.

Are you looking for a long term storage?

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